Before & After

Orthodontics can be transforming for your smile as well as the alignment of your teeth and bite.
Here are some examples of our amazing patients.

Gallery of Faces

AP Facial
AV Facial
BA Facial
BI Facial
BW Facial
BL Facial
CF Facial
CD Facial
ER Facial
JH Facial
JK Facial
KS Facial
KM Facial
MS Facial
MN Facial
MS2 Facial
SY Facial
SW Facial
SK Facial
SS Facial
TH Facial
TR Facial
VN Facial
WU Facial

Gallery of Teeth

AM - Deep Bite
BI - Spacing Deep Bite
BW - Cross Bite
DG Spacing
DS Spacing
ER - Class II ext.
EW - Class II
K - Spacing Protrusion
MS - Spacing High Cancine
SM - Missing Teeth
SW - Spacing
SW2 - Spacing
TH - Deep Bite
WU - Missing Left